Chef Apprenticeships Programme

Do you want to be a Head Chef in two years and gain nationally recognised qualifications?

At Whitbread Restaurants we don’t just want to offer you a qualification; we want to offer you a career and prepare you to be brilliant. During your first year you will be working towards a Level 2 Hospitality Team Member Qualification and the role of a Grill Chef.

Once you have completed your first year you will begin your second qualification, which is a Level 3 Senior Production Chef. By the end of year two you will be a Head Chef or ready to take on that role. We don’t pay apprenticeship rates – from the day you start with us you will be a full member of the team and paid that way. You will also follow our Pay for Progression model where the more you learn the more you will earn!

So, if you don’t already have a Level 2 apprenticeship and have less than 6 A-C grade GCSEs we want to hear from you! It doesn’t matter if you have previous experience in a kitchen environment or not, with our two-year apprenticeship programme you’ll be a Head Chef before you know it.

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Your First 6 Months

You might not start your qualification straight away – you will be waiting for your regions programme start day (don’t worry it won’t be far away). Before your programme starts you will be working through your Foundation & Basic elearning at site working alongside our In Restaurant Trainer and your colleagues.

Between your start date and 6 months at the latest, you will receive an invite to day 1 of the apprenticeship programme where you will get fully set up with everything you need, be given your portfolio to complete, learn about the apprenticeship, and support provided you will also plan in your first assessor visits.

The content of the programme

After day 1 you will have 4 more workshops in your first year and will receive an assessor visit every 4-6 weeks where you will go through your portfolio and will be set more work towards your qualification.

Day 2 is your functional skills workshop where you will learn how to apply English and Maths skills to your job

Day 3 will be spent in one of our kitchen academies where you will go through our expert team member kitchen training – covering Kitchen Set up, Prep, Knife skills, frying, breakfast and grill skills.

Day 4 will be focused around your Personal Development Plan, Teamwork and presentation skills followed by day 5 where you will take us through your final project.

In the second year of our Level 3 apprenticeship – you will follow our successful internal Progressing Into First Management course – which consists of 6 offsite workshops spread throughout the year including 2 days in our Kitchen Academy & leadership & shift management workshops.

We don’t pay apprenticeship rates – so from day one you will be a full member of the team and paid that way. You will also follow our Pay for Progression model where the more you learn the more you will earn.
Once you complete your expert kitchen team member training which the programme will help you work towards you will receive another pay increase followed by another one when you get promoted into the Grill Chef role which you should achieve by the end of your first year.

During your second year working towards a Head Chef there is a further pay increase for you when you complete your expert Grill Chef training – all of these fantastic reason to apply now.
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